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We provide solid financial assistance based on years of experience in private industry and public practice. We value customer service above all else, and that begins with listening to our clients so that their corporate and personal needs and goals are reflected in the advice we provide that is affordable and accurate. It’s your future that we are looking after because saving money is always a wise choice.

Review Engagement Reports

Our review engagement reports will provide limited assurance that there are no material modifications to the financial document or statement making sure that they confirm with the Canadian accounting standards (Canadian Standard on Review Engagements (CSRE) 2400).

Review accounting engagement reports in Surrey accountant

Some of the procedures that we perform will be:

  • Written representations from management regarding the accuracy of all information given to the CPA
  • Procedures for recording and accumulating financial information
  • Management’s responsibility to prevent and detect fraud
  • Information related to any significant subsequent events
  • Plausible relationships of recorded amounts

Reviewing engagement reports can be complicated and confusing which can lead to negative effects on your business and your financial well-being if you don’t take the correct procedures that go into reviewing. As the procedures performed reviewing an engagement is substantially less in extent and vary in nature, our accountant will review your financial statement at an affordable price and that no significant matters arise during the engagement and meets the Canadian accounting standards.

With years of experience, CP Lehal & Company is always here to provide exceptional customer service that goes beyond your expectations to help you achieve your personal and financial goals.