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There’s nothing like the paperwork involved in preparing GST, PST and Worksafe reports to ruin any business person’s day, but it doesn’t have to be like that when you have the right accounting firm handling the preparation of those documents.

At CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA, we understand that no business person really wants to tackle those chores, even though he or she knows the downside of not complying with the requirements of the regulatory bodies that oversee collection of these taxes and fees can be messy and costly.

For this reason, CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA undertakes to make the process as painless and inexpensive as possible for its clients, by ensuring that GST, PST and Worksafe filings are done properly, and on time, so that clients avoid the costly fines and penalties associated with non-compliance.

The complexities of GST, PST and Worksafe collection are manifest, and it’s important to have an accountant who has a thorough grounding in the minutiae involved in accurate filing. What might seem onerous to someone unfamiliar with the process becomes routine – and therefore less time consuming and expensive – when entrusted to a firm that understands the best ways to be efficient… a firm like CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA .

It’s also important to keep in mind that the rules regarding GST, PST and Worksafe filing are not static, so having a professional in your corner whose job it is to keep up with changes to the various rules and regulations is as important as the preparation work involved in filing a return. At CP Lehal we are always on top of the latest changes from the federal and provincials governments when it comes to tax rules, as well as changes to Worksafe regulations.

So, if preparing GST, PST and Worksafe paperwork isn’t something you particularly enjoy, we here at CP Lehal and Company, CPA, CGA are ready and able to take the burden off your hands. The result for you will be peace of mind knowing the job is being done properly, and on time.

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